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This section contains marketing copy I crafted with specific business objectives in mind. 

Cultivating a consistent brand voice aimed at target audiences is a challenge I relish: everything from creating engaging and informative product descriptions, to maximizing SEO by incorporating keywords and crafting strategic meta descriptions, to writing branded industry articles and company blogs. Already rolling up my sleeves, bring it on. 

How to Add Quick-Serve Yogurt Elements to Your Operation

This summer, make the taste of the season creamy, cool, refreshing and nutritious with bulk yogurt from General Mills Foodservice. We’ll help you promote a variety of seasonal revenue-boosting menu applications from our team of culinary experts and provide free downloadable summer yogurt marketing assets. With quick-serve concepts gaining popularity (a whopping 5.3% of restaurant industry growth in 2017!) bulk yogurt is a great way to add grab ‘n go items to your operation this summer.

For the Love of Pancakes!

Flip ‘em, stack ‘em, serve ‘em up hot. February is National Pancake Month and your diners are not going to want to miss out on a helping (or six) of warm, fluffy pancakes. You can feel the pancake love while scents of melting butter, sizzling batter and warm maple syrup are in the air! Breakfast is the only meal for which foodservice has experienced growth in recent years, and a plate of hotcakes is one of the more popular, and profitable, menu items.

Food Connections: Happy Hour Edition

There are Happy Hours…and then there are Food Connections Happy Hours. Voluntarily or not, you’ve probably attended a version of the former: pre-packaged cheese platters, mediocre wine served in plastic cups with a side of stilted conversation. Sound familiar? It’s no secret that happy hour networking events range from mildly enjoyable (on a good day) to downright agonizing. Last month’s special Food Connections Happy Hour, however, was a different story.

Puff Pastry Brings Big Potential to Small Plates

Small plates are currently seeing increased popularity among diners for a number of reasons. They promote sharing and a collective dining experience—patrons can discuss flavors and enjoy appreciating the same foods. Small plates are also less costly than traditional entrées and a lower-risk option for people who want to try new flavors but are hesitant to go all-in with a larger, more expensive plate. For operators, they provide a great way to build incremental revenue and showcase creativity.

Help Your Business Flourish with Grab ‘N Go Desserts

Twinkle lights and festive wreaths go hand-in-hand with an uptick in diners seeking fun seasonal desserts. In fact, restaurant sales trend up between 4.2% and 6.4% in November and December. This is a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the heavier diner traffic, and increase dessert sales, through menu specials and grab ‘n go holiday merchandising. A holiday display of packaged desserts is both eye-catching and convenient for the busy holiday customer.

What Millennials Want: Clean Labels

Their dorm rooms might be messy, but today’s college students want dining halls to clean up and offer less-processed, healthier options. Millennials are leading the booming “free-from” foods trend. Of the participants in a recent Mintel group study, 60% of millennials said they’re concerned about transparency and clean ingredients in the food they eat. Many of them are currently in college, where they are making their own food decisions for the first time, and millennial preferences are clear: fresh ingredients, healthy options and clean labels—even if that means a higher price tag.

Doing our part to reduce food waste

To say that food waste is a huge problem in this country is an understatement. About 40% of all food in the United States goes uneaten. Seriously. Chew on that stat for a second. As a marketing and design agency specializing in food, this carelessness around food waste is our problem too—and we’re committed to being a part of the solution. Recently we did a photoshoot for the Cady Creek Farms brand of our partner Burnett Dairy Cooperative, and challenged ourselves to use the leftover (and delicious!) cheese as creatively as possible.

How to Demonstrate a Commitment to Health

Health-conscious diners now have access to more information than ever. With a few taps and swipes, they can check menus and ingredient lists against the latest health trends and recommendations. Prompted by the farm-to-table movement, operators are learning that being open about ingredient sources can build diners’ trust. Buzzwords like “locally sourced,” “cage free” and “grass fed” appear next to menu items regularly, and a recent study by the Mintel group found that 84% of Americans seek more natural, less-processed foods.

Catalog Printing & Design | Minneapolis, MN | AlphaGraphics

Catalogs are full of detail. They contain a lot of information. Often they need to be produced on a tight timeline, and a mistake in the printing of your catalog could mean mass confusion for a whole lot of your customers. At AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis we understand the ins and the outs of printing stunning catalogs, and we’re here to help you every step of the way, whether this is your company’s first catalog or your 100th. We print catalogs of all sizes, shapes, colors and finishes. For one of our clients, we even print catalogs with pages that fold out in six panels!

Envelope Types and Sizes | AlphaGraphics Downtown Minneapolis

When it comes to envelopes, Alphagraphics of Minneapolis can help you stand out, and get noticed. We have been in the printing business for over 20 years. Mailings and envelopes are second nature to us. When you come to AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, you can trust that you are in good hands. Our professionals will help you decide which type or size envelope best suits your needs and business. With our production crew and designers working hand in hand, you get the best of both worlds: excellent design and excellent execution.

Event Poster Printing & Design | Minneapolis, MN | AlphaGraphics

Catch eyes and pull attendees with bright, bold, event posters. We want your event to be a huge success every bit as much as you do, and we’re here to help. At AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis MN, we get excited about a great event poster. (Call us “poster nerds” if you want.) The truth is that we have the highest-quality printers and our custom posters come out so clear, crisp and vibrant, it’s hard not to get excited. Plus, we’ve got a lot more to offer than your corner Minneapolis print shop.

Custom Exhibits and Displays | Minneapolis, MN | AlphaGraphics

Set the scene for a full brand experience with exhibits and displays that make potential clients and customers stop, look, and engage. High quality, eye-catching, professionally printed exhibits and displays are important for attracting potential clients at tradeshows and other events. Stand out from the crowd with AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, a full-service marketing and print center that is unique among printing companies in MN. Not only do we have the newest technology in offset and digital printing, we also have a team of enthusiastic, skilled, and versatile graphic designers, customer service representatives, and print production specialists who can help you create the perfect exhibit or display.

Exterior Floor Graphics | Minneapolis, MN | AlphaGraphics

In any given day how many people do you see walking around looking down at their phones? Twenty? More? Do you feel like your eye-level signage isn’t getting the attention it deserves? Hit the ground running with a fresh addition to your company’s branding and marketing strategy: exterior floor graphics. The boundaries of conventional marketing are ever-expanding, and at AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, MN, we can help you get noticed—wherever your target audience happens to be looking.

Form Printing & Design | Minneapolis, MN | AlphaGraphics

Let’s face it, paperwork isn’t glamorous. But in many professions it’s necessary and that’s why business-savvy companies come to AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis for form design and printing. If your clients and customers are filling out paperwork, you want to be putting clear, crisp, branded and professionally printed forms in their hands. At AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, we print a LOT of forms. And for us—a team who literally spends their days working with paper—printing high-quality paperwork for your business is satisfying, rewarding, and maybe even a little bit glamorous. We take pride in a job well-done.

Indoor Banner Printing | Minneapolis, MN | AlphaGraphics

So you’re in charge of getting your business ready for a big event like an exhibit or trade show and you need indoor banners. Or maybe it’s time for new signage in your lobby, entryway or office. Either way, you probably sat down at your computer with your mission in mind, typed “printing company MN” or “printers Minneapolis” in a search bar and—lucky for you—clicked on the AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, MN website. Truly, you couldn’t have come to a better place. Indoor banners? We’re professional, business-savvy experts in print and design. Mission (flawlessly) accomplished, we’ve got your indoor banners covered.
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