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The Growler's Tourism Guide 2020

Whether you regard the prospect of long stretches in the car with cautious enthusiasm or deep dread, the road trip has been a near-ubiquitous American experience for right around a century.
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Road Trip Collection

While at The Growler, I spearheaded a special issue insert on road trips and tourism. In addition to penning the introduction, I brainstormed, pitched and compiled, edited, fact-checked, proofed and oversaw every aspect of the writing for this project. Here you can enjoy the results. 

The Growler's Tourism Guide 2020: Adventure North of the Border

Find more great travel ideas in The Growler’s Tourism Guide 2020 Thunder Bay is less than six hours from Minneapolis–St. Paul, but it feels like another world. This metropolis of more than 100,000 Ontarians is a regional hub immersed in thousands of square miles of woods, rocky shoreline, and water. As the fusion of two distinct former cities (Fort William and Port Arthur), Thunder Bay has a bisected center of gravity, and visitors should check out both central business districts to get a feel

The Growler's Tourism Guide 2020: A Townball Tour in Southern Minnesota

Find more great travel ideas in The Growler’s Tourism Guide 2020 My wife is, let’s say, baseball-tolerant. She’d never watch a game on TV but is more than happy to head out to the park to soak in one of the 60-or-so days when it’s actually enjoyable to be outside in this state. And we’ve found that this pleasant summer pastime is most gratifying in the greater Minnesota towns that host town ball teams. If you fancy taking a few hours to relax in the sun with a cheap can of beer and the smell o