Intrepid wordsmith deeply invested in the good food movement, sustainability, social justice and the arts. I believe being able to carefully craft (and quickly invent!) clear, engaging, and persuasive narratives is not only an invaluable skill, but—dare I say it?—fun, too.

Food & Agriculture

I'm all about food. Plain old lip-smacking good food, garden-fresh produce, organic farming, urban farming, grass-based agriculture, aquaculture, sustainability, nutrition, food history, culture and community, the list goes on...  

This section compiles articles from several food-centric projects I write for. Go on, have a taste! 

Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating this year?

Happy Earth Day! How are you celebrating this year? Today we’re ringing in the 49th anniversary of the holiday that launched a new wave of environmental activism: Earth Day! This is one of our favorite holidays here at Organic Valley, and we strive to celebrate it year-round through our sustainability and renewable energy work; through our focus on organic, working in harmony with nature instead of against it; and through one of Rootstock Radio host Theresa Marquez’s great original ideas—Earth
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