I spent a year working in the office of Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor where I wrote her weekly e-updates, talking points for speeches, and all manner of political prose.

These three articles are representative samples of a year's worth of content that I created for Senator Taylor and her team. 

Governor Walker's Startling Change of Heart

Today Governor Walker declared that he has finally seen the error in his ways, that educating our children and young people is a top priority for Wisconsin. In a move that shocked and appalled the Tea Party, Walker announced he will reverse his largest cut to K-12 public schools in Wisconsin history and his most recent $250 million cut to the UW System. I am surprised and delighted that our Governor suddenly agrees with principles I have been at odds with him on for so long. What a relief to finally work together to address the real issues in our state. This is the sort of good judgment and visionary leadership I—frankly—didn’t think I’d ever see from Scott Walker. But as I’ve always said, I’m all about second chances. I will work for the good of our community with anyone who is willing, and if today’s the day that Governor Walker joins me in fighting to give our babies a leg up with excellent education, I welcome him to my cause. This is the kind of bi-partisan cooperation our state needs. Unfortunately, this is also a huge, unbelievable April Fools Joke!! Did I get you? I only wish that I could share such good news on any day of the year, not just joke about it on April 1st.

The Fight Against Gun Violence

Milwaukee alone lost 145 people to violence in 2015, a 69% increase from 2014, the highest number of homicides in the last twenty years. Milwaukee families deserve to feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods. Gun violence and gun owner irresponsibility take an enormous toll in many areas including life, education, and economic mobility. This is why I have recently announced a package of four bills that are aimed at tackling gun violence in our community and across the state. The first one, No Fly, No Buy, prohibits those who are on the federal terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms. The second bill would remove a major loophole in gun sales through private sellers and require background checks for all firearm purchases. The third bill would specify the minimum training hours and maximum classroom sizes for concealed carry courses. These measures will help establish guidelines to inform permit applicants of safe gun handling, storage, and risks of carrying. And the final bill in the package would require any concealed carry applicant to have general liability insurance of at least $800,000 to cover injury, death, or property damage that may arise from a permit holder’s negligent use of a firearm. The violence in Milwaukee and our state cannot be allowed to escalate. Everyone deserves to feel safe.

Senate Resolutions this Month

The Senate will meet next Tuesday, October 20th when at least two of my resolutions will be up for consideration. Senate Joint Resolution 21, one of my resolutions, would name November 2015 diabetes awareness month. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, diabetes affects 475,000 adults and 4,500 children and adolescents in Wisconsin. Along with increasing the risk of diabetes-related complications, diabetes is economically very costly. Diabetes costs $6.15 billion annually due to health care costs and loss of productivity in Wisconsin. Greater awareness of diabetes promotes healthier living, preventative measures, and support for those living with the condition.